Reconnecting with Laraine Armenti

I had not seen Laraine Armenti since 1980, our senior year at RISD, after which we headed off in different directions for employment in the design world.  On June 14th I happened to spot a painting of hers, Green Apple, in the Spring/Summer 2015 issue of our alumni magazine, RISD XYZ, that has brought us together again.  I loved the still life, and immediately sent Laraine an email with the subject “Do you remember me?”.  She did, in fact, and long story short, here we are!

Please join us for the Opening celebration of Laraine’s show on Friday, August 14, 5-8

Here is a small sampling of the exhibit

I am delighted to be showing Laraine’s small and beautifully executed oil paintings and drawings at my jewelry and art gallery — the scale and elegance of the work make for a very complementary pairing with my jewelry collection. We are very pleased with the collaboration.

Reconnecting has been a wonderful experience and the timing seems particularly fitting in that it is our 35th college reunion year.  Did I just say that?  It seems a bit surreal, but I’m thankful for all I’ve learned over the years, and continue to each day… and for old friends who, like me, are still driven by the pursuit of art and design!


We're very excited to present our new signature double rock crystal cabochon locket, inspired by antiquity and meticulously handmade with a 14k gold double bezel frame. Tuck a personal memento inside and make it your one-of-a-kind...

_DSC0179 - Version 2.jpg

Do you have a token for your love?

gemstone hearts gladstone jewelry

We have returned from our annual February trip to Tucson with very heavy luggage, and gorgeous new gemstones, small and large.

Cupid is upon us. . .

Are you looking for a little something for the love of your life tomorrow?  In addition to our special antique and designer jewels, we have a beautiful new selection of hand-picked gemstone hearts for your choosing.

Happy Valentine's Day to all !  xxx

February: Amethyst

Amethyst, the birthstone of February, is the seductively colored purple variety of the mineral quartz. It is a meditative and calming stone which has a gently sedative energy than can promote peacefulness, happiness, and contentment. It has been known since ancient times as the sobriety stone, it’s name coming from the Greek “amethystos” which means “not intoxicated”.  All good things…no matter when you were born! You will find a number of lovely amethyst jewels in our collection.


Suzanne Kalan wins Diamond Design Award!

We are delighted for Suzanne Kalan, one of our extraordinary and well-loved designers, who was the recipient of the 2014 “Best Diamonds” design award recently at the Couture show in Las Vegas.

We aren't surprised, because when we saw the first prototypes of her new Fireworks baguette diamond jewelry collection in January we knew that Suzanne was onto something incredibly innovative.  We immediately placed an order for numerous favorite styles for our shop in Manchester-by-the-Sea!  

Maria Doulton walks us through Suzanne's new Fireworks collection with diamonds in her blog The Jewellery Editor—take a look! 

All things new . . .

Here we are blogging for the very first time . . .   

We have done it quietly, but we are very excited about the launch of our new website. Would you have noticed a difference had we not told you?  It’s something we have been diligently working on behind the scenes for way too long.  Why the change?  Better web and mobile functionality, better visibility, real-time updating, and addition of e-commerce, just to name a few. 

Hopefully you’ll find that it still has the same familiar but improved look of our first Gladstone site, and that navigation is much improved.  Remember how the back button on your browser didn’t work? 

Of course, it is a work in progress, a labor of love, and takes many hours to maintain.  We will do our best to keep things updated and fresh, letting you know about what’s new at the gallery in terms of both jewelry and art. Please let us know what you think!

In keeping with our newly hatched website, images that evoke Spring and renewal are on our gallery walls.  Esther Pullman is back with her second exhibition of Greenhouse panoramas, and her third photography show at Gladstone, Spring / Greenhouse, April 6 - June 19. The panoramas on display exemplify the artist's incredible sense of composition through geometry, distortion, and light, and have thankfully brought Spring inside. An extensive portfolio of work accompanies the pieces on exhibit. If you can't make it to Manchester-by-the-Sea, take a peek at the range of Greenhouse images on Esther's website.


Outside, our window box poppies have popped! They are lifting everyone's spirits and once again, passersby are stopping in (and telephoning!) to tell me how much they look forward to seeing them begin to bloom every May.